39 thoughts on “I had sex with my cuzin….”

  1. do you have to be a bastard Jamal…..

    i understand what thats like, i’ve made out with my cousin and i never wanted to, she is just to hot and i’m a guy….

  2. yeah jesus christ jamal obviously its kind of a difficult confession why would you go and perv it up like that. disgusting….

  3. Jamal is clearly an ignorant abomination, but there’s nothing to be done about that.
    There’s more people like him in this world than should be allowed.

    Forgive yourself. Free yourself from your own punishments..and move on.
    That’s all you can do. You can’t change what’s been done..
    And no one can change how you feel about yourself, no matter what they tell you..

    It’s a matter of valuing your self-worth and recognizing you still have a life to live.
    Your life isn’t over. And at the end of the day…sex is just sex.
    As difficult a concept as that might be for someone, inlcuding myself, to understand at times..

  4. My first kiss was with my cousin at age 8. We’d play ‘house’ in my basement when my mom was upstairs without a clue.
    I wish I could forget that ever happend.

  5. I made out with my cousin when I was 16…at a family reunion…we went for a drive in his car. He was the 2nd guy I’d ever kissed…my sister found out and has used it as blackmail more than once…

  6. its really more common than you would think-
    just a century or so back, people would marry their cousins to keep the family line.
    back when humans lived in small towns or villages- many worldwide still do- its hard to find someone you aren’t related to.
    its a natural thing, and it really doesn’t even create many complications unless it’s like father-daughter brother-sister or something like that.
    many states in the US allow first cousin marriages.
    so dont beat yourself up.

  7. yea i kissed my cousin once… i didnt know she was my cousin at the time. been kinda awkward ever since we found out.

  8. You were kids. It was innocent. It’s ok.

    You don’t need to forget…you can remember and smile. <3

  9. <:)
    I may be presuming here, but I’m sorry you lost him. Society’s ideas of right and wrong shouldn’t cut a budding love.

  10. hi zee, i too am zee and your comments are freshening. thank you for being a part of this, and for your insights.

  11. I’ve slept with my “cousin” six times an I’d do it again and again but then again, we’re not blood and god is he sexii

  12. Its more about him being MARRRIED and having KIDS than being your cousin!

    You’re party to breaking some other woman’s home…u can live with that? go on!
    Just remember this, at some point in life, you could be in her shoes!

  13. I can tell from your deficiency in spelling or perhaps an proper education from the way you spelt ‘cousin’ I can articulate that you are a Wog. Sorry, you guys should look beyond your family for a fuck buddy. It’s kind of way low to fuck up a family and two, for screwing your own flesh and blood. Good Game, but perhaps try to progress from the Middle Ages and stop being inbreds.

  14. Here, here!

    In a world of millions of people, what kind of fool chooses their own bloodline to have sex with?

  15. WOW… i cant believe that someone put this up.. i felt alone.. i made out with my cousin a while bak.. i took a trip n i met him at a family reunion… since we never grew up together its hard to seperate family , n ummm FRIENDS? u know… i was down there for 5months…. n we grew to like each other more n more to a point were we kinda fell in LOVE.. i told him it couldnt happen.. in our FAMILYS eyes we were BEST OF COUSINS.. but we are like 5th generation u know….. im glad i let this out!! n that im not alone!!

    THANK U for who did this!!

  16. I am also glad that you put this up. I thought I was alone on this but then I realize it’s more common then you think. You definitely aren’t the only one. And don’t listen to all the jerks who are trying to make it seem like doing stuff with your cousin is such a bad thing. But you should move on. That will help a lot. And I hope your cousin talks to you again in the future

  17. They also say the same thing about Kentucky and Alabama.

    My man is not my cousin (nor a relative) and I am from West Virginia.
    I am also furthering my education, and I even wear shoes *GASP*

    How about you stop bashing people based on where they are from?


  18. It’s leagle to marry your first cousin here in England. So it’s not a bad thing as such. It’s just a shame that now he will not speak to you.
    But I agree with most other comments. You should move on from him. If he whon’t speak to you then he is not worth it. Find someone who is 🙂

  19. There’s a reason so many royal people were so screwed up! Not enough selection in the bloodline.

  20. ok… i have a ton of guy cousins and it is SOOOO uncomfortable when they make moves on you! but then agai some of them are just so hot…

  21. First cousin marriage is legal in most countries. They have about as much of a chance of fucked up babies as two random people. Shit happens. Sorry it didn’t work out.

  22. Why are people feeling sympathy for this illiterate fuckup?

    It’s not just the fact that you screwed your own flesh and blood, but you’re a homewrecker. I wouldn’t talk to you anymore, either.

  23. Jamal, I really hope somebody who knows you personally (who then knows what a total perv you are), shoots you in the face…and I hope the courts rule it justifiable homicide, because it totally would be.

  24. i used to pay dares with my cousin where we would dare eachother to touch and feel eachothers bodys innapropriatly ….and we are both girs

  25. i used to pay dares with my cousin where we would dare eachother to touch and feel eachothers bodys innapropriatly ….and we are both girls

  26. I lost my virginity to mine (althought he didn’t find out!)I did it because I was scare (and tired of waiting for the right person to do so and I didn’t want to do it with a random one) to never lose my virginity, even though I was 18, sometimes I regret it because I felt disgusted with myself and wish I would have done it with a random person instead…5 years later I still haven’t had any serious relationship and all I have are one night stands…I have never had love and sex at the same time, two different worlds, and I have not been in the first one. I don’t know if the fatc I dind’t wait is one of the reasons…. but on the other hand I don’t regret it… because I LOVE SEX, and I don’t think I would have been brave to be with someone I knew much more less, for that little transaction! …… to the fake puritans writing here go and F** yourselves, there are worst things going on in the world than this…. to you the problem I see is the fact your messing up with a family here!

  27. @notsosure #
    Look, all of us “puritans” (if you really think that’s true!) know you’re just consumed with envy that we’ve had love and sex together, and that the ‘best’ you can do is whore around with other random losers like yourself. Sad, very sad. You’re going to be a walking STD, if you aren’t one already…I just hope no children are produced from your screwing around with randoms. No one deserves to come from that trashy a legacy! I hope neither I, nor anyone I will ever love, never have the misfortune of ever knowing, etc., you or any of your fellow whores.

  28. Hey breaking heart. The whole point of this thing is not to judge for people to confess! So piss off… K? Thanks…

  29. @Tayy #: I don’t live by your rules; I’m sure you’re quite the libtard. I would not “piss-off” if you paid me to(unless you were paying me an AWFUL LOT of money). I judge righteously, as is commanded by Christ, as evidenced by a passage in the New Testament. I can’t imagine that YOU would have any idea what righteousness is. Usually when someone says thank you to me, I tell them they are welcome, because they are…but to you, I can say no such thing because I won’t “piss-off” as you so crudely put it. I’m not interested in your two cents’ worth of comments.

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