I don’t like being around my mom…

I don't like being around my mom...

I don’t like being around my mom…

and I hate my brother for breaking her heart and making her the way she is



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  1.  by  un4given

    Tears are falling on my keyboard as I am reading this. I am a mother that loves my children with all my heart but that heart is also broken. I am trying to heal but is it a long process sometimes, life is too short to be unhappy. I pray your Mom will heal also and maybe some day you will be able to forgive them both and be happy again. Many hugs to you.

  2.  by  foxbsnman

    This is the first postsecret that I have read, that made it feel like I should have sent it in. This is my secret.

  3.  by  Kimberly

    nobody makes you the way you are aside from yourself. once you give someone that power you’ve lost your own identity. it’s time to take responsibility

  4.  by  Mer

    That my friend is exactly the same for me. Except with sisters.

  5.  by  L'amour

    I feel this way almost every day, except I don’t hate my brother….I just wish I could fix him. Isn’t strange how the ones who always protected us now need us to protect THEM?

  6.  by  discostarr

    I have this same secret except its my dad, not my mum.

    Ps. thanks for being brave enough to post

  7.  by  *

    This one hurts, because i’m the one who broke my moms heart..=[ but its better now.

  8.  by  no one

    my brother broke my mom’s heart too. it sucks, right?

  9.  by  N/A

    I totally understand you. My brother did the same thing.

  10.  by  Mari

    I can totally relate to this. My mum is always so paranoid and so horrible to me because she thinks I’ll make the same terrible mistakes my brother did.
    But I don’t hate my brother, I just think he could have acted better.
    I miss living with my brother.

  11.  by  sarah

    I think this might be from my sister.

    I feel the same way.

  12.  by  Loser

    I feel like the brother, and i hate myself for breaking my moms heart. I want to die, but Im too scared to kill myself, and I don’t want to draw in more attention. I MISS YOU MOMMA

  13.  by  Lola

    I hate both my brothers for breaking my mom’s heart, they left me to pick up the pieces and although I love my mom more than I can express, yeah, sometimes I hate being around her

  14.  by  Jess

    mine too. the hardest part is that my mom expects me to fix it.

  15.  by  Caden

    i’m with ya on that. my dad broke my mom’s heart and i had to suffer for it. I kind of resent them both. But there’s so much more out there. Create your own loving family 🙂

  16.  by  FloralToast

    i hate being with my ma… she is an embarrasment. sleeping around, tattoos, pot, gang crap. i just wish she would be an adult so i could be a kid for once!

  17.  by  found

    its weird that this is my secret. except i don’t hate my brother. i love him, i hate what he’s done. but i need to help him so that he can get better. then maybe mom will get better and i will be able to talk to her again

  18.  by  mujer peligrosa

    This is my secret, it brought tears to my eyes, because it was not 1 brother but 3. And one of them died from a brain aneurysm. Sometimes I hate myself for moving so far away, for not being able to stand my mom and for not loving them more, but this is the only way I can be sane. I can’t clean up their lives for the rest of my life…

  19.  by  me

    I’m pissed off at my brother too. My mom is now an empty shell, and she used to be so much more fun even when she was being abused by my dad. But my brother, he just wont stop making her suffer until she is gone. I want him to die for that. I want a chance to have my mom, become a grandmother and have some joy, but it wont happen as long as he keeps her in that dark place. I hate him so much.

  20.  by  sadsong

    He just stopped caring about her and she can’t resent him for it because he’s her son. Now, she takes out her frustration on my dad and I. It’s not fair.

  21.  by  Holy-spear-ink

    Sounds pretty like story our family has gone through

  22.  by  Sad and angry

    I hate my mom. She always abuses me physically and emotionally. My brother did many bad things but I am the one she blames.

  23.  by  Black sheep

    Reading this post and all the comments made me cry. For years I had thought that I was the only one who felt this way.
    I pray every day that my brother dies a horrible death, but I know it would kill my mother too. She kicked me out of the house when I was 16 and he was 19, because he was drugged and attacked me and I fought back.

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