Extremely happy people are scary…

Extremely happy people are scary...

Extremely happy people are scary…

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  1.  by  on your side

    I was you once. for so long actually. but it actually did not prevent me from meeting love and becoming a scary happy person… sometimes I switch back to the scared cynic and see how pathetic and vomit-inducing my own display of happiness is…

  2.  by  SomeLife

    Sometimes it’s the happiest extroverts that harbors the deepest sadness&the darkest past. But when you know how bad it can get…it’s easier to smile when days turn good again

  3.  by  yardy1234

    thats why i think clowns are scary… they’re just too happy

  4.  by  kate

    Agreed. exactly what i thought to answer with.

  5.  by  Genne

    From the other side of the situation, a lot of times people act really happy to convince themselves they are, or to prove that they are happy, but really they are just as sad or happy as a normal person. If your depressed, see a doctor, if not, do the things you love best.

  6.  by  Jimbo

    I used to “be” extremely happy, then I realized I only smiled to cover the gouges on my arms and heart. I smiled to blind people to my pain because I was terrified they would abandon me rather than help me. I was right, 🙁 now smiles don’t change the fact I’m alone.

  7.  by  JustMe

    The people that abandoned you were cold, heartless individuals.
    Makes me wonder if they saw that you put your trust in them when you showed the your true side, and they destroyed that for you.
    I hope things get better for you one day.
    And as to the poster.

    Sometimes happy people make me uncomfortable, too.
    You’re not alone. 🙂

  8.  by  Sami

    I am a happy crazy person and thats the way I am known. I use it as a way of hideing. It’s hard because then when I just want to be sad and show it everyone panics and get worried. So I am always smileing. Big and toothey. But I am actualy just as scared worried as you are. So please don’t hate us. We all just deal with it diffently.

  9.  by  Black

    I dislike overly happy people because they come across as fake, to me. No one’s that happy all the damn time.

  10.  by  fearful_

    i think that the overly happy people are just sometimes people who have never experienced any tragedy in their life.

    im seventeen and ive had three people die and my mother almost die and i have come out for the better because of it … i can now tell the difference between the person who acts happy and the person who is happy out of being so nieve and me the person who has come out of the other side and experiences a happiness because i survived all that.
    the way you can tell ? is through a persons eyes and their expressions r because then you will see if they experience genuine happiness

  11.  by  Sonja who is lost

    I wish I was one of those scary happy people. I’m so lost that I don’t understand it. I’m about to contract my life into other people’s dreams because I don’t know what I want.

  12.  by  J

    This could be my secret, sort of, i have a friend that is overly positive and he just makes me angry because i know i’ll never be that happy

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