I’m Gay

I'm Gay

I'm Gay

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  1.  by  Julian

    It’s okay, even if the world turns away, you will always know that you could admit it to yourself. That in itself is the first step to anything. Hey, life will go on no matter how cheesy it sounds.

  2.  by  Liz

    No matter what, you have no reason to be ashamed. It’s not a choice, a lifestyle, or a sin… it’s a matter of which gender your heart loves and wants. I pray that this secret of yours will not always be a secret, and that in due time you can be out and proud.

  3.  by  Kate

    Yay! Don’t be afraid to be true to yourself! If anyone ever says God doesn’t love you for your sexuality just go to soulforce dot org it’s an LGBT Christian organization! God still loves you and made you this way, never forget it!

  4.  by  dreamerB

    So am I!! The only reason I accepted it is because I knew God accepted me. You are not sinning by being who God made you to be. Everyone else who judges you for it is not a Christian, they are hypocrites.

    Love yourself… how else do you expect others to love you too

  5.  by  emma

    WAHOO! the world needs more gay people (not joking)

  6.  by  Jake

    Hey me too! And I couldnt be happier.

  7.  by  Jim

    After reading your secret I felt like a weight was taken off my back. My parents still don’t know I’m gay (only a liberal coworker and a close friend know) and I may tell them eventually. My only advice for coming out of the closet is to hedge your bets, make sure you are finacially secure and seperate from anyone who might have reason to use your sexuality against you (parents, relatives, etc) and then be prepared to be rejected BUT know that if you are rejected the person who hates you is unworthy of your love or being a part of your family/life. Don’t bottle yourself up because then the homophobes win, express yourself (respectfully and appropriately please) and be the truth, its better to be hated for what you are than ever to be loved for what you aren’t.

  8.  by  Natasha

    It may seem like a simple message, but it’s bold and clear. I like it. Hopefully there will come a day where you wont have to say this on a secret-posting website and be able to say it aloud.
    Pretty much the opposite for me, though. No one believes me when I say that I’m gay. I need to convince them that even though I had boyfriends before, I like girls presently. Silly people

  9.  by  Mouse That Roars

    So am I. Isn’t it great? *hugs* Be proud of who you are.

  10.  by  Somebody

    Doesn’t it!?!? Needs more bi people too…to many straight people

  11.  by  xxx

    i’m gay. my parents know and so do all my friends and nobody cares its great. None of my girlfriends family or friends know, and i know really she wishes i was a guy. She just settled for me because i told her she was beautiful and she neaded to hear it.
    Its actually killing me.

  12.  by  SR

    I’m a straight person. I love my gay friends and my bi friends and would fight to my last breath to support them. Saying there’s too many straight people is just like saying there’s too many gays. No need to use cruel words for the majority if we love from our hearts just as much as you.

  13.  by  Unname

    I would amend their comments to say the world has too many fake straight people. People who think they are straight merely because they’ve never thought to question, or appear straight because they are to afraid to come out. The world needs to shift so that people can stop lying to themselves and others about their sexual identity.

  14.  by  Melissa

    Hi im melissa and im a gay girl and i love my girl friend so much and would do anything for her.

  15.  by  Love to love

    I haven’t told my mom that i’m bi and have a lesbian girlfriend who is Arabic (Lebanese) to boot.

    I know they wouldn’t approve either way, but I love her more than anything. I love her so much that it makes me cry tears of happiness.

    My dad accepts me. I wish I could live with him.

  16.  by  Brittney

    Either on accepting it or admitting it.
    It’s a big weight off your shoulders. I came out to my parents a couple years ago (or, actually, I came out to like EVERYONE all at once. Talk about a nightmare.) and I’ve actually never felt more comfortable in myself since I admitted it to myself and to others.

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