I was trained not to believe in a god…

I was trained not to believe in a God

I was trained not to believe in a God

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  1.  by  Marie

    a Rosary is the symbol of being Catholic. If you don’t want people to assume your Catholic then don’t openly wear one. There is nothing wrong with trying to find something to believe in, but there is no reason to be upset when you are misrepresenting what you believe in.

  2.  by  i was trained not to believe in god

    yes,a rosemary automatically leads people to the idea of you being catholic. you believing in something is an awesome thing and if a religion is not what you want to be identified by then take the rosemary off and start with searching spirituality. which means believing in a power greater then yourself. I have no religion but my greater power i call GOD, and for me it works, i am a follower of Jesus Christ,but i do not identify my self as a christian, just as a believer and follower. Good luck to you and i hope that on the road you walk that you find the God you were trained not believe in, there is only one God ,and only one who claimed to be.

  3.  by  Savanna Mattingly

    loving god is the greatest gift he can give us..dont worry how people interpret your faith as long as its strong. Love everyone , like christ, and everything will work out in the end.

  4.  by  ali

    I was raised religious and don’t feel what you feel just by wearing your rosary. Don’t loose that feeling and don’t let anyone divert you from it. I miss the feeling but can’t seem to find it again. I’m glad it empowers you.

  5.  by  lovexmexnot

    Well, if you want to show that your a believer, get a small cross necklace, thats what i used to do, i grew up in an unreligious family too, and im happy to say i have my faith and im a lesbian! Crosses are also a sign of christ, or god, which ever you prefer

  6.  by  Zee

    You don’t need material things to determine your belief..
    but if it’s where you find your comfort, your solace…then hold your rosary and stand behind your ideals.
    Just because to the greater society a rosary signifies the catholic religion, it doesn’t have to be that way for everyone.

    You be true to you and don’t let anyone take that from you.
    I don’t care if what you hold to represent your faith is a shark tooth.
    So long as when you hold it, when you keep it close, it means believing to YOU.

  7.  by  Marie

    I sometimes wonder wether or not there is a god.
    But then God does something to reasure me.
    I’m currently still waiting for a sign.

  8.  by  Jane

    Actually, Catholics are not supposed to wear rosaries as necklaces, if that is what you are doing. They’re prayer beads, and it’s considered irreverent to wear a rosary around one’s neck.

  9.  by  Chris

    I wouldnt wear the rosary: to be a believer, just offer your life up to God and/or Jesus and enter into His kingdom. I cant speak for other religions, but for Christianity it’s very easy to believe. Also, showing that you believe can be just a cross on a necklace and not necessarily prayer beads…

    And some more: just let Grace work through you and youll have more luck in life – I have. Pray as if everything depends on God, work as if everything depends on You. – St. Augustine

  10.  by  Spttin' in the Face of Fools

    Yes, you can.

    …but you need to realize tha the symbol has a different meaning to alot of people as it is a major catholic symbol. When people assume one thing, just tell them what the symbol means to you.


  11.  by  shaken

    don’t let people belittle you for something you believe in. EVER. if they do, it’s because their own faith is questionable. people don’t question someone else’s faith unless they themselves are questioning their own. i have the word “faith” tattooed on my hip. i’m not religious in the least and it has nothing to do with god. i know the connotations of the word, but the meaning is mine and mine alone. good luck to you. i know you’ll find your answers.

  12.  by  your local rabbi

    Mazal Tov on finding Yahweh! Perhaps a Star of David would be a better fit?

  13.  by  catholic

    You don’t have to wear a rosary. In fact, you’re not supposed to. A simple cross necklace will show that you’re a believer and you won’t get grouped.

  14.  by  weird faith

    Ah, someone else who connects to faith through tangible things. I too am one who appreciates ritual items. There’s a way to understand things through touch and sensation that not all people can understand.

    Since the rosary is a Catholic symbol, people will identify you as one if you wear it. But you like wearing the rosary. What about some possible compromises:

    1) A rosary bracelet. I didn’t know they existed, but they look pretty neat.

    2) A rosary-style necklace. I made one. Instead of the ten beads-one bead pattern, I just have evenly spaced beads all around. Instead of Mary and the Crucifix, I used a three-holed bead and a simple cross. Nobody has mistaken me for Catholic, nor has any Catholic been offended by it so far.

    3) A rosary ring on a chain. They’re small and can be tucked away when needed. Because of the shape of the ring, I’d suggest clipping an inexpensive chain and connecting attaching jump rings to either side of the cross, since the cross points up.

    And nobody says you can’t keep the real rosary in your pocket while you wear a substitute 🙂

  15.  by  nondenom

    I was raised in a Presbyterian church but I don’t even put myself in a denomination of Christianity anymore. After belief, the rest is just commentary.

  16.  by  Martha The Kool Kid

    You don’t necessarily need to wear a rosary you can just wear a necklace with a cross. You shouldn’t get upset when people label you neither because I’m a christian but when people label as religious I say I’m not religious I’m just christian because that’s what I am. So getting upset wont work you can just say I’m not catholic I’m just a believer and i know people will understand that much.

  17.  by  SuzyQ

    I was raised Catholic, and after 12 years of Catholic school I can tell you that it is a sign of disrespect to WEAR a rosary. They are NOT necklaces!!

  18.  by  Bad.Habit

    I’ve got a rosary too. I’m an atheist, but I think they are so pretty and I believe in people who believe as strongly as you. It’s all love from the bottom up, anyway; I don’t really think it matters.

  19.  by  Brigid

    I certainly hope you dont “wear” it like a neclace. any true catholic would see that as a sign of disprespect, almost as if you dont believe in christ at all.

  20.  by  j. Bizzle

    Don’t be content only to scratch the surface of spirituality. Open your heart to God in prayer in earnest for answers that will provide you with a basis for faith based hope in the future.

    Your parents were fools to encourage you as they did. However, if you have the right heart condition, nothing will stop you from finding God and happiness.

    “Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need, since the kingdom of the heavens belongs to them” Matthew 5:3

  21.  by  nondenom

    Don’t worry about the big bad Catholics and the belief that wearing a rosary is disrespectful. If they see it that way, who cares. You wear it because you want to show you believe in something, and that should be a good enough reason. Somehow I don’t think the Creator of the Universe is really going to hold it against you that you wore a set of plastic beads as a necklace even though some human said that was disrespectful. If someone could point out to me the part of the Bible that covers plastic rosary beads… it would be greatly appreciated.

  22.  by  Marisa

    Firstly–I’m raised Catholic and still consider myself mostly Catholic, so maybe I’m not the best person to hear this from, but know that I would say it about any other religion’s symbol: if the believers in that religion consider what you do disrespectful, then you shouldn’t do it.

    That said, most Catholics won’t be angry with you over wearing the rosary. Disrepectful? Somewhat. Offensive? Not really.

    As for me–I’m believing more and more that all religions (the ones that are actually religions, anyway, but how does one judge that?) are true. Different paths and different perspectives on the same truth.

    It seems like you don’t want to choose a path, or don’t know how. It might be easier if you do. But if you don’t…I think that longing for faith the way you do is somewhat beautiful. So many of us who were raised with a certain religion become apathetic about religion later in life. I view your longing for God/faith as a gift. From the Christian point of view, God longs for you to come to him just as much as you long for Him to come to you. Keep looking, and you’ll get there. (Search and you will find; knock and the door will be opened for you, as the Bible says). And if you don’t end up Christian, or if you end up nothing in particular, more power to you.

  23.  by  Ca

    Calm down, Paila :\

    Whether you are atheist, agnostic, Christian of any shape or form, Muslim, Buddhist, etc., there’s still this thing called respect.

    Also, for the Secret:
    If you like the rosary/cross (and I assume the Christian symbol incorporates your general spiritual beliefs and general morals, even if you might not believe in Christ or a specific God, maybe an essence/entity), you can wear it all you want. You’re going to have to explain if someone assumes you’re Catholic (easy assumption), but it shouldn’t affect how you feel about your beliefs.

  24.  by  Duuuur

    too many people try to force their religion on their children. I say let them grow up, explore, and decide for themselves.

  25.  by  Rey

    I’m not Catholic, but I was raised Catholic and it drives me NUTS when people WEAR rosaries. They are PRAYER BEADS, not jewelry! Whether you are religious or not, you should at least RESPECT the religion if you’re going to go around trying to represent it!

  26.  by  Jitters

    Why can’t you tell people you’re just a believer? Who care what they think. It’s your faith, not theirs. Believe what you want.

  27.  by  broken heart

    So many of the above commentators are so wrong. The rosary is traditionally associated with Catholicism, but you don’t have to follow anybody else’s tradition. I am not Catholic, but I like rosaries, and I am not Jewish, but I like the Star of David. My Lord is not the Lord of the cross but the Lord of the empty tomb, but I like crosses.
    While the swastika was stolen, I draw the line there…I will not wear the wheel of life because the Nazis stole it and made it representative of unrighteous things. If the Nazis hadn’t stolen the wheel of life, I probably worn the wheel of life occasionally. I also do not wear the pentagram of the Pythagorians because it is now used by pagans as a religious symbol, and I don’t find paganism acceptable. For the most part, any system which uses karma as a moral code is insufficient, as karma is about getting back what you give out, and that is selfishness, which is hardly moral.

    Go ahead and wear your rosary. I think it’s beautiful that you believe in God, especially after you were taught not to.

  28.  by  William

    It’s been a while since the original post, but I wanted to clarify this for the poster. I am a practicing Catholic and I do not find it disrespectful at all that you are wearing a rosary because it means you have faith. There’s no catholic rulebook that says wearing it is not allowed. It doesn’t matter that you’re not Catholic either. Most American Catholics consider it disrespectful for people to wear a rosary as a necklace but it’s actually really common in Mexico. Don’t be angry if people mistake you for being Catholic though, you’re wearing a pretty distinct Catholic symbol. I’ve worn mine under my shirt for a long time and I think like two people have ever asked me about it.

  29.  by  laraxo0x

    you will always be classified into a social group, no matter what you do, wear, are. The fact that you believe in something, no matter what it is, is beautiful. Instead of lying, the explanation should be exactly the first 5 lines of your secret. Any true believer, no matter what religion they associate themselves with will find you inspirational.

  30.  by  breakingheart

    I would differ, William. A certain pop- singer named Madonna has worn rosaries for decades, and the reason she does so is because she finds them “sexy because they have a naked man on them.” I find it utterly blasphemous to lust after the Man Who bled from His every pore to pay for one’s sins. Plus, Madonna is a follower of the mystical Kabbalah, which, to my current understanding is an off-shoot (or spin-off or rip-off) of Judaism. I like some of Madonna’s hits, but I do not like Madonna.

  31.  by  Anne

    As a devout and practicing Catholic, just wanted to give you a friendly heads up on what you’re wearing. One of the reasons I absolutely love being Catholic is because we recognize the Blessed Virgin Mary. Through the rosary we are able to honor our Mother and through her, participate in the life of Christ. Therefore, wearing beads we use for prayer will of course associate you with the Catholic faith. Also, there is no Church law against wearing a rosary, just when it is worn for the intended meaning, it is usually to ask for Mother Mary for protection, so I hope that is what she does for you. God Bless.

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