5 Comments on “10-2-2005

  1.  by  bink

    i 2 used to attended AA meetings. I was not an alcoholic. i wanted to be exepted too.

  2.  by  Rachel

    To the one with the polaroid picture of the girl(or boy) jumping:
    That is the sweetest secret I have ever read; for some reason it has touched me deeply. To think that you’ve kept that one picture of her/him all this time. This secret made me smile…thank you.

  3.  by  Mimi

    I also thought I’d find like minded people once I got to college, it just brought on a lot of self-rejection, severe anxiety and severe depression. To this day I’m still haunted by my old hallucinations. I left school and America, it was the first time I’ve been happy since I was 12.

  4.  by  kawika

    To Rachel/Polaroid:

    I, too, am that person. She thought the world of me. I got married to someone else.

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